Center Centre Emails

About the Project

Title: UX Front End Enginner

Client: Center Centre

Duration: September - Decmember 2023

Tools: Figma, HTML, CSS, API intergration, Stripo, MailChimp, Active Camplain

Overview of the clents:
Center Center is Company ran by Jared Spool who's goal is to educaiton UX Leaders to improve there voice within companys to improve designs.

Amount of emails:
Avg rate per day that is sent out is about 2 with friday needing to have 5 to 6 emails ready by the end of the day.

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A screen shot of one week of emails I would send out during a week.




The prior Fellow had sent emails out to be reviewed to the team the day they were due to go out. The team was used to working last minute on Emails and



Emails being made eariler in the Week

I wanted to develope a way that perment us to work on the emails earily in the week when the work load was lighter.

The Process

Step One

To send out 1 email I needed to have the marketing team review the emails, four times.

Working on tasks eariler in the week

The rest of the team wanted to wait until the vidoes that were recorded for one of the work shops where done before they would review the emails. I had to work with the team to get them to review the emails before the videos where even recorded since I just needed a link to place on the emails. I resured them I felt they where else to do there job and I would be able to get the video's upload by the due date.

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Step Two

Often times Marketing Team would explain they where waiting one content from the CEO.

Asking the Boss

Having a background in solical service where there is heavy documation time sentive information that had to be delivered to the right person on time otherwise my company would be fined. I was able to use this experince to speak with the CEO and explain that I needed the content by a certain date. He became more aware of the time line started to adjust his work habbits so the team was more effective in getting the needed content finished eariler.

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Step Three

Changing how automations where made.


Having emails done eariler ment I needed a proces for automations. the way I was taught was to develop a new audomtions for each email, each week. I was able to work with the team to develop a new process where I would make one automation for each email and then just add the new email to the end of the automation with a the date set for the next time the email would go out. It helped keep me on track and on time as well since I never wanted to loss my automations and have to start over. Plus I liked the record of the emails that had gone out for easy review.

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Emails On Time

By working with the team to develop new work habbits I was able to get the emails out on time. Work loads also shift to easy pressure such doing one newsletter each week instend of two. The CEO also started to work with the team to get content to me on time. Relizing that I was able to get the emails out on time if he was able to get me the need information eariler in the week.

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Training my replacement

I was able to train my replacement on how to use the new process for automations. I also was able to train her on how to use the new email builder that was being used. I also told her emails were due the day before they went out so she had time to review them and make changes if needed. Also the CEO and other staff often gave last minute emails that had to go out right away. She was able to understand the time sensive of getting work done on time.

Harry Potter Fans at a party drinking 
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